Can You Build A Garage On A Slab In Michigan?

Are you planning on doing some home renovations? A garage can be a good idea but, is it possible to build a garage on a slab? When it comes to a standard garage in most areas, it is not necessary to have a footing. A small, one-bay garage may do just fine on a gravel pad or a concrete slab.

Although in most cases, there are some clear leniency when it comes to building a detached garage in comparison with building an attached garage. That, by all means, doesn’t entail, that footings are not necessary. 

There’s more to construction than just some simple building,such as with building projects taking place on your property, reference local building codes before the date of construction. You would also need to pull the proper permits. If you’ve haphazardly decided to go through the project without dealing with permits, you might face fines and other issues.

Garage Footings

As mentioned, the two most standard materials when it comes to the garage projects are gravel foundation and a concrete slab. If you’re planning on going with a concrete slab, keep in mind that are typically a good choice for a prebuilt garage that does not have a prebuilt floor. That is because in this case, the concrete slab becomes the floor.

When it comes on the planning portion of any construction project, you should always think about the size of the structure. If you are building a large shed or having a prefab shed delivered, it’s not a big deal to put it on gravel or concrete. On the contrary, when it comes to larger garages, it would require footings. To sum it up, the larger size garages are the ones that includes multiple bays or a second story.

The size doesn’t really have anything to do with it, instead, it is often estimated through the weight of the building. Although naturally, larger garages will be heavier, and it will place more stress on the slab. It may last for many years, but the slab will likely suffer from cracks and other issues.

Garage Slab Rebar

If you’re wondering whether your garage slab may require some rebar wires, then here’s the answer. Although it typically depends on your area and how you want it, rebar is not necessarily a requirement for a garage concrete slab. As said, it also depends on how you want your concrete slab to be, as of course, rebar wires also proves to be useful and can give your slab a lot of beneficial effects.

If you yourself do not want the addition of rebar wires, then you can be or ease as some concrete contractors don’t require the use of rebar if it is not part of the local building code. As for when rebar wire is no longer a requirement, it becomes a personal choice, and it is one that you should take part in if it becomes an issue.

Although it is not required, it is something that should be greatly considered. For instance, if the garage will be accommodating an RV, Semi-trucks, or other heavy equipment, then a reinforced slab may do a better job compared to a normal one. That is because heavy vehicles can cause the slab to crack under the weight. Often, these slabs are 6 inches or greater and reinforced.

Professional Concrete Repair Contractors

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