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Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance the quality and value of your home? Perhaps you want to do some upgrades to your property but don’t want to waste it on something useless? Then going for a concrete driveway may be the choice for you. When it comes to home renovations, the addition of a concrete driveway has one of the biggest effects on the property.

The addition of a concrete driveway not only adds a large value to your home but can also be practically used if you have a vehicle to accomodate. Even though there are countless different materials you can use for building a driveway, concrete has been practically used for most construction projects nowadays, including driveways. First, let’s get to know why you should get a concrete driveway.

Why get a concrete driveway in Detroit

As mentioned, there are countless other material options homeowners can use to construct their driveway in Detroit, but why specifically choose concrete?

Customizable And Attractive Appearance

First and foremost, all homeowners, in a certain degree, want to make their property look more attractive. Concrete driveways aren’t limited to only a flat finish and a grey slab, as some people may think. If you prefer to be more quirky and unique with your driveway, there are colored concrete in which you may try out different, and various colors to the concrete driveways.

Apart from that, if you’re feeling up to some more customization, you may also add some different textures to the concrete driveway, to that, the answer is stamped concrete. Stamped concrete surfaces add a pleasing texture that often blends beautifully with a home’s architectural design. You may consult your concrete contractor for the specifics since they would most likely have a collection of images or examples that they could give your driveway.


Another thing concrete is known for is its practical strength and endurance. Out of all materials, concrete is known to last relatively long, after all, it is said that concrete gets stronger the older it gets. Therefore, if you want to achieve long-term structural strength and integrity, concrete is the best option. The service life of a concrete driveway is, on average, about 50-60 percent longer than its asphalt counterpart.

Low Costs

Apart from being easy and cheap to install, it is also less expensive. Most people likely stress maintenance expenses, not just for their driveways, but for other parts of the property too. Even with the initial cost of getting the concrete driveways installed and for construction, you would definitely still save money in the long term since concrete driveways have low maintenance costs. 

It is also possible to reduce concrete driveway Detroit maintenance costs through the use of contraction joints as well as penetrating sealers. They also prove to be an ideal investment option as they up your property to a reasonable price if you ever decide to resale your property. A concrete driveway may also make it easier to sell your home in the future, and as said, you’ll likely recover a portion of your investment when you do. 

How long do Detroit concrete driveways last? 

Concrete boasts its amazing durability compared to and although it lasts longer than most other driveway material alternatives, remember that they are not eternal. When installations are done properly and maintained properly, it should be able to last a minimum of 20 years, but a full replacement is necessary when cracks and pits are interconnected. 

What are driveway repairs?

No matter how sturdy a concrete driveway is, it can still get damaged, that is why repairs are needed. Driveway repair Detroit typically involves grinding down the top of the existing concrete and adding a new top concrete repair level. Concrete repair is the perfect method to deal with persistent stains, minor cracks, and small holes.

Meanwhile, the replacement of concrete driveways includes the removal of the entire existing driveway, then replacement with a new one. It’s a time-consuming process that cost more compared to repair that involves numerous labor hours and specialized equipment.

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