Concrete Parking Lots Detroit

When it comes to the profitable market, concrete parking lots can become a great economic sense for many building owners. There is a quite a variety of materials that people use to construct their parking lots. However, what makes concrete so great and competitive are the multiple advantages that comes along with concrete, especially the long-term costs.

If we are to define what a concrete parking lot is, it is essentially just a slab installed on the ground outside. Its only qualities that makes them different from other construction builds are its ability to handle and accommodate heavy vehicular loads, they should also be able to endure harsh weather conditions and environmental exposure more compared to most exterior slabs. They should also be able to handle drainage by having a sloped surface.

Although concrete may have a more expensive initial cost than materials such as asphalt, they are still way more expensive to maintain, upgrade, and potentially repair. This is the reason why contractors put so much emphasis on concrete’s capabilities in terms of its lower life-cycle costs based on its longer life span and lower maintenance needs. Depending on certain circumstances, there may be more concrete advantages added to the list.

Even with the amazing durability of concrete, it is not indestructible. Although it does requires much less maintenance than gravel because of its durability. This does not mean maintenance and repairs are completely canceled out, especially on commercial parking lots where there is heavy traffic. What’s worse is that on commercial lots, a minor crack or pothole can grow very large, very quickly, meaning it’s important to promptly make the necessary repairs. 

Why call us for concrete parking lots repairs or pouring 

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What does concrete parking lots involve 

Concrete parking lots can a massively great investment. Apart from reserving a large space for people to park their vehicles, using concrete can also be a great idea for a parking lot. This is because it has great benefits including the following:

  • As mentioned earlier, although prices have fluctuated over the years, the cost of concrete pavement has become more comparable to asphalt. In fact, when looking at total project costs, concrete parking lots are very cost competitive. Apart from that, concrete may also require less subgrade preparation. It can also have curbs and gutters placed along with the parking lot in one pass.
  • If we’re to compare other materials to concrete, concrete is certainly brighter, more reflective surface makes pedestrians and obstacles more visible to drivers both day and night. As it reflects more light, it becomes more energy-efficient and safe with its visibility. Concrete is also more slip-resistant on winter and less hot in summer.
  • It also has a more clean and aesthetically pleasing look compared to other materials. In fact, although concrete is so hard and durable, it is actually open to all kinds of customizations. With some professional work, it can be colored, textured, patterned and even shaped to complement your building or imitate other materials.

What does parking lot repair involve 

Although concrete lasts longer, it can still suddenly receive some damage. This may be caused by negligence or other factors such as improper installation. Here are some concrete parking lot surface repair methods for different concrete surface damages.

  • Patching

This involves cleaning the area of the parking lot that needs to be patched. Mix concrete by adding some Portland Cement and Gravel. Add some water and mix with a shovel until you have a medium consistency concrete mixture.

Applying the cement patch bonding glue to the area of the parking lot that needs repairing. The bonding glue acts as a binder that allows the new concrete to adhere to the old concrete on the parking lot’s surface. Then, applying it and flatten it down firmly with a wooden board.

  • Uneven Concrete

Concrete sections can sometimes shift over time, causing an uneven surface. To fix the surface, a concrete contractor will grind down the high side and resurface the area.

  • Sealing

Applying a sealant helps block the porous surface from the corrosive effects of salt and water. Seal your parking lot to avoid more damage and costly parking lot concrete repair. Many chemical formulations are available as sealers and coatings to protect concrete from a variety of environments.

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