Foundation Repair in Detroit

Even if concrete is a durable construction material, it can still wear out or get damaged. It would be worse if your concrete foundation is damaged, after all, your home completely relies on it. If you’re worried about the condition of your concrete foundation, then immediately contact a professional to assess it. 

A concrete foundation that is suffering from too much stress or traffic can bring some serious structural damage within your home. What’s worse is that it is not something that you can easily notice until something drastic occurs, as it is located either on your basement or way below the house. As it is not normally seen, issues or damages with the foundation can indeed be worrisome. 

That is why as a homeowner, or even if you’re still planning on buying a house, it is important to check the condition of the foundation, old houses especially. If you do find that your concrete foundation seems to have an issue or sort of damage, there’s no need to throw away the house, you can simply go with concrete foundation repair. 

There are several types of concrete foundation repair methods depending on the type of concrete damage so that you wouldn’t have to bother tearing it out and starting from scratch. If you’re still worried, it is important to check the foundation yourself only for some obvious issues or have an expert concrete repair contractor do the assessment for you. If needed, you can also ask a structural engineer.

Concrete Foundation Contractors

Concrete foundation issues are a real problem. Although it is fine for you to inspect your own concrete foundation, it is best not to disturb it too much, especially if there is a clear indication that the foundation is damaged. It is best to immediately contact a professional if you do spot a problem. 

It is important to be left in the hands of experts as a mistake could be fatal to your building. Keep note that you’re dealing with the foundation of your house, meaning a wrong step may make things a whole lot worse.

We have professional Detroit  concrete contractors that are experts when it comes to working on concrete. It could be difficult to find yourself a trustworthy concrete contractor that also provides great service, however, our concrete contractors are professionals. We have experience and have been dealing with such work for years. 

Repairing Concrete Foundation

How to repair concrete foundation crumbling

One of the best ways to repair crumbling concrete foundations is to fill the basement. Sand filling balances out the pressure from soil that is placed on the exterior walls, which stops the movement of the wall and prevents it from further damage. You can insert a chute through an old window or any other wall opening and add some sand into the basement. 

How to repair cracks in concrete foundation walls

Naturally, when you notice that the damage seem drastic, you should call a professional. A vertical wall crack can be repaired by injecting an epoxy or polyurethane sealant into the crack that will permanently seal it and stop the flow of water from the outside. You repair diagonal cracks in much the same way. However, it may take more material to prevent future movement.

How to build a concrete foundation

The process of constructing a concrete foundation may be long and hazardous, thus, it is taken on by professionals on the job. Here are some simplified steps on building a concrete foundation:

  • Preparing the site (excavation) – This includes Grading the lot and getting it tested for compaction and digging trenches for footings
  • Setting up the footings and rebar set – This includes installing the rebar, inspecting the progress, and pouring concrete footings.
  • Installing polystyrene blocks for pouring insulated stemwalls – Cold migrates into the home through the stem walls and slab if the stemwalls are not insulated.
  • Pouring the slab – This includes preparing the forms for the slab, plumbing pipes, setting radon shields and plastic tubings for radiant heat, then pouring concrete.
  • Clean-up – Cleaning the site.

How to patch a hole in concrete foundation

A simplified step-by-step on how to patch a hole in a concrete foundation.

  1. Clean the hole. Make sure that there are no loose debris, dust, or dirt in the hole.
  2. Apply bonding agent. If you want a stronger bond for the concrete and existing concrete block, you can apply some bonding agent.
  3. Applying the concrete. Start by mixing up your concrete repair mortar, then apply it.
  4. Smoothen the surface. Use tools such as a trowel to smooth out the concrete surface suiting the surrounding foundation wall.
  5. Finishing. Paint the repaired area to match the existing foundation color.

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