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Tired of having to wax your floor? More flooring materials requires some special care and maintenance such as waxing just to show its pristine and beauty. Polished concrete is one of the materials, if not, the only material that does not require waxing. Concrete professionals are able to bring out this great potential using their proper floor grinding equipment and experience, grinding the concrete surfaces, creating a high-gloss finish. 

What makes polished concrete all the more a perfect flooring material is the numerous advantages that goes with concrete. It has superior durability and performance of concrete. With that said, it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial building like a warehouse, office, or store, even if it is a residential property, polished concrete can fit right in. They offer smooth, high-luster floors for anyone to enjoy. 

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Polished concrete is achieved by utilizing heavy-duty machineries. They are used to gradually and continuously grind down a concrete surface until the desired degree of shine and smoothness is achieved. The process may be comparable and similar to sanding wood.

What Designs Are Available With Polished Concrete

Some people may think that when concrete is polished, it becomes limited to that type of appearance, however, polished concrete are pretty, smooth, and reflective surfaces that actually invites a stunning array of options for coloring, scoring, and creating radial lines, grids, bands, borders and other designs.

If you already have an existing polished concrete or planning to get a polished concrete surface but want a more stylish concrete flooring, then you can further style your concrete flooring with stains and dyes.

Also, as concrete polishing is known to be a type of multistep process, you are also able to choose your own set of sheen level for the polish. You can choose from satin to high-gloss. This way, you would also be able to meet the requirement you have in mind for your maintenance and aesthetic needs. With that said, polished concrete is quite versatile and this just makes polished concrete all the more of an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications.

Polished concrete opens up a wide range of designing ideas for coloring with stains and dyes, decorative engraving, stenciled graphics, and faux finishes for your own commercial or residential concrete floor.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slip-resistant?

Safety is a huge factor, and this especially applies to commercial builds. Although normal concrete is quite known to be slip-resistant, some may not be so sure whether the same applies to polished concrete. However, although polished concrete may look as smooth as glass, polished concrete is actually safe from slipping hazards so long as the surface is kept clean and dry. 

Compared to other materials, polished concrete floors also less slippery, especially with waxed linoleum or polished marble. If you’re planning on installing a surface slab for public commercial facilities where many people will be walking through and there is a lot of foot traffic, then choosing a slip-resistant material and preventing slipping hazards is an important thing.

Polished Concrete Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are extremely durable throughout their life, but will need a little maintenance to keep their beautiful shine. The good news is, they are generally easier to maintain than other types of decorative floors. Routine maintenance consists of keeping the floor free of dust and debris that can abrade the surface with dust and damp mopping. 

To increase safety with polished concrete and prevent more slipping hazards, you can keep the polished floors free of oil, grease and standing water. A simple routine maintenance program should be enough just to clean spills and stains from the floor as soon as possible. 

A sealer coat that contains an anti-slip grit additive can also make it less slippery. These products are simply mixed into the sealer before applying to increase traction without taking away from the appearance of the polished surface.

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