What Is Detroit Known For?

The city of Detroit has been popularly known for being the world’s “Automobile Capital”, otherwise known as”The Motor City”. The city is where Henry Ford pioneered the automotive assembly line, with the world’s first mass-produced car, the Model T. and “Motown” for its world-renowned music performers featuring The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and others. 

In fact, during World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt called Detroit the “Arsenal of Democracy.”  Today, the region serves as the global center for the automotive world. Headquartered in metro Detroit, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all have major corporate, manufacturing, engineering, design, and research facilities in the area.

There are also several more that has some influence in the area such as Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, etc. There is even the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor which is a global leader when it comes to research and development. Metro Detroit has made Michigan’s economy a leader in information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. 

Apart from that, the state of Michigan also ranks fourth nationally in high tech employment with 568,000 high tech workers, including 70,000 in the automotive industry. Michigan typically ranks among the top three states for overall research and development investment expenditures in the US.

It is already clear that the city of Detroit is the largest city in the U.S. to offer casino resorts. The three major casino resorts are MGM Grand Detroit, Greektown, and MotorCity. With Caesars just across the river in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Detroit Metro Airport is one of the few to offer world-class hotel and meeting facilities inside the terminal. 


What did Detroit become known as?

The city of Detroit earned the nickname ‘Motor City’, otherwise known as Motown, back in the early 20th century. This is mainly due to the fact that the city was the global center of the automotive industry.

What are some fun facts about Detroit?

  • Detroit’s Belle Isle Park is the largest urban island park in the country.
  • More than 70 feature films and a dozen television shows have been filmed in Detroit.
  • Techno music was invented in Detroit.
  • Bootleg liquor was big business in Detroit during Prohibition.
  • The city’s food scene has been thriving since 1897.
  • There is a great amount of good art in Detroit.

What things represent Detroit?

  • The Henry Ford Experience – Spending a day exploring the 3 parts of the Henry Ford Experience is the quintessential Detroit activity all visitors must indulge in. The full experience takes you on an adventure through America’s past.
  • Motown Museum – The modest Motown Museum was where legends like Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson got their start. After enjoying the hour-long tour, you will truly understand why the words ‘Hitsville USA’ are carved into the former studio-turned-museum.
  • Belle Isle – Belle Isle has evolved from the playground of the rich to a stunning state park available to all. The 3-mile island teems with activities for outdoor lovers such as hiking, fishing, sunbathing, and golf.

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