Why Get Concrete Patios in Detroit Mi

So, you want to have a concrete patio installed in your backyard, but don’t know how to begin? Here are a few tips to get you started. Before you start, you should understand the cost, time, and maintenance of concrete. Read on to learn more. You can save money on concrete by doing the installation yourself, but if you don’t have the necessary experience and expertise, you may want to call in professionals.


The cost of a concrete patio depends on several factors, such as the type of design and size of the space. You should also consider the condition of your property and the contractor’s experience. Different features, such as a stone or tile border, can increase the cost of your patio. Here are some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind as you work on your concrete patio project.

Depending on your location, you may have to pour a deeper base for a concrete patio. Additional grading and drainage may be necessary, depending on the size of the site. In some cases, you may have to remove an existing patio if it’s sagging and/or wet. The price of concrete varies, but it averages $113 per cubic yard for a 2,000-psi mix. Concrete prices may vary from state to state, or even between two cities.

Construction time

The perfect time to install a stamped concrete patio in Ohio is spring. Spring temperatures are moderate, perfect for the job. If temperatures get too cold, they freeze the moisture in the concrete, while if the temperature is too hot, it sets up too quickly, making the finishing process difficult. The right balance between hot and cold temperatures will make your concrete patio look great. It will be durable and hold its shape. Whether you choose a traditional concrete patio or a stamped concrete patio, the spring is a great time to get one.

The process of pouring concrete takes several steps. First, you need to make sure the form is level. This can be done by drawing a long, straight piece of wood across it, also called screeding. You also need to ensure the stakes are flush with the form’s edges. Once you’ve leveled the form, add crushed stone, which creates space for drainage and is a uniform depth from the top edge of the form boards.


If you’re planning to build a patio in your home, the durability of concrete is a very important factor to consider. A well-made concrete patio can last for several decades, even longer with proper maintenance. While concrete is a durable material, it is also susceptible to harsh weather conditions, foot traffic, and pet activity. In addition, the sealant applied to concrete patios won’t allow weeds to grow through them.

When pouring a concrete slab, concrete contractors plan the joints and reinforcement to ensure that they are properly sealed. Steel rebar can be used to reinforce a concrete slab, especially if the area where it’s going to be poured is prone to settling or shifting. Steel reinforcement also extends the functional life of a concrete structure. Whether it’s a patio or a garage, it’s important to consider the durability of your concrete slab, since a badly-poured slab can crack over time.


To make the most of your concrete patio, you need to take a few precautions. First, it is essential to seal the joints. Open joints will allow dirt and weeds to grow and can cause your concrete patio to corrode. Sealing the joints will prevent these problems and ensure that your concrete patio looks great for years to come. You will also need to reapply the sealer when the color starts to fade. Follow these steps for the maintenance of your concrete patio.

Cleaning and sealing your concrete patio regularly can restore its vibrancy. Make sure you remove any debris, such as leaves or weeds. If you choose to paint or use decorative concrete, make sure to thoroughly clean the concrete surface. The decorative finish will last longer when it is protected from the sun’s UV rays. Also, make sure downspouts don’t drain on your patio. Clean and seal the concrete surface before painting or applying decorative concrete.


A concrete patio is a great addition to any home because of its low maintenance, durability, and customization capabilities. They can be shaped to look like wood, marble, or stone, and they can have extra features, including built-in benches and planters. The design options are almost limitless! Here are some ideas to inspire your design. You may be surprised at how many possibilities exist! Here are some tips for creating your dream patio:

Adding visual interest: Several types of custom concrete patios can have an exposed aggregate finish. This concrete finish combines the look of natural stone aggregates with the durability and slips resistance of concrete. You can even add different colors to the mix to create unique looks that will complement your decor. These materials are durable and withstand all types of weather. Once installed properly, they can last for years. But if you’re not into DIY projects, there are professional concrete patio companies that can help like Detroit Concrete Co. You can reach us by calling (313) 513-6840.