How To Level Uneven Concrete Floors In Detroit

There is no doubt that concrete floorings have been increasingly becoming popular in the current era, one of the biggest reasons being the presence of new classy decoration styles available for the floors. Even without saying so, concrete is widely viewed as a durable and long-lasting building material, but even it is subject to wear and tear.

No matter how strong and durable materials may be, they are not indestructible, and one of the common problems that concrete floors may face will be sinking or uneven concrete. Do you have an uneven concrete slab that you’re wanting to be fixed? Then keep reading to be more familiar and learn the solution for uneven concrete flooring.

Going Through Concrete Leveling

Keep in mind that when it comes to a largescale project such as concrete leveling, it is always best left in the hands of professionals. There is absolutely nothing to gain from doing it yourself as an amateur, homeowner. The whole process itself requires difficult actions and the handling of dangerous tools and equipment. It is not advised to do so attended and may simply use this guide for educational purposes only.

Preparing For The Repairs

This stage involves the planning and preparation period for the project. Firstly, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment you would need. This includes protective gears, especially for the eyes, nose, mouth, hands, and head. Some specific concrete contractor tools are also required for the job, making it all the more important to hire professionals.

Then, you would need to decide if you’ll be using the concrete itself as the floor, or as a subfloor for a different material on top. Carpeting, locking vinyl planks and engineered wood do not require a perfectly flat surface. Naturally, the degree of accuracy in leveling on your concrete would also be affected depending on which flooring material you choose.

Preparing The Site

This stage involves removing all the furniture, materials, and equipment from the area, this would make some more space for comfortable working. Carefully remove the baseboard from the walls all around. This can be done by using a scraper or a metal putty knife as the floor height will rise after leveling it. Scrape any loose debris on the floor such as concrete chippings, old linoleum, or tiles. 

Make sure to clean and vacuum up all the dust to keep the floor dust-free. You’ll also want to thoroughly clean your concrete floor to ensure a tight bond between any leveling agent and the porous concrete surface. Nail a piece of wood across any opening such as hallways and doorways to keep your leveling mixture from oozing out.

Concrete Leveling

There are several ways you can go through concrete leveling. Some contractors use polymer-modified cement that flows easier than traditional concrete and can typically flatten concrete slabs with ¼ inch or less of height variance.

If you have a subfloor slab, using polymer-modified cement can be a great idea. Do keep in mind that it is only effective at flattening slabs with an inch or so of height variance or less, and is not as durable as actual concrete. While grinding can be used to level severely uneven slabs, it is not recommended as it exposes the aggregate inner material of the concrete to the elements and deterioration. 

An extremely uneven concrete floor may indicate that the issues go way beyond simple concrete leveling methods. In these cases, your best bet is to contact a concrete raising company. They use specialized equipment to pump a slurry mixture below the slab, filling any voids and raising it to be as level as possible. This process is known as mudjacking.

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