What Is Detriot Concrete Polishing

Are you thinking of doing some renovations? Maybe you’re thinking of spicing things up a bit. In any case, installing or upgrading to a new concrete floor can always be a great idea. It not only contributes a new experience to your daily life but also adds more value to your property. If you’re still planning on constructing a concrete building, then it may also be great to consider applying concrete polishing aside from regular, boring, plain concrete.

With all that said, polished concrete can actually be considered the ultimate no-wax flooring material. That is because, if the workers have proper grinding equipment and experience, they should be able to grind concrete surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish. Factor in the superior durability and performance of concrete, and it’s no wonder why retail, commercial warehouse and office facilities, and even homeowners are catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors.

How Do You Define Concrete Polishing

How exactly can you differentiate concrete polishing with other concrete finishing methods? Well, one of the ways you may describe it is through the different process of concrete finishings. For one thing, polished concrete’s process includes using high-end polishing machines to grind the concrete’s surface. 

It is a much more handful process as instead of using sandpaper, concrete polishing involves disks made of diamonds that achieve varying levels of smoothness and shine. And then, once the surface has attained the desired gloss level, a polish guard is added and decorative touches are applied.

Naturally, the whole installation process cannot just be summed up to that, there are also other factors such as depending on the size and scope of your project, your contractor will furnish various specialty equipment. The grinders should also be operated by experienced technicians. Planetary grinders, concrete milling machines, tile scrapers, shot blasters, concrete scarifiers, and dust collection systems may also be used on your flooring. 

Benefits Of Polished Concrete


For the most part, many homeowners or business owners get concrete polishing services because of their affordable, yet high-quality performance. In most cases, people want to have an attractive or exquisite-looking flooring, whether it’s for their home or commercial property, however, these pristine looking flooring materials may not only be expensive to install, but also pricey to maintain. This could be a large financial blow, which is a serious problem for businesses.

Since polished concrete is so durable, you also won’t need to worry about the cleaning, repair, or replacement expenses that might be associated with other surfaces, including needing to have the carpets steam cleaned, hardwood floors waxed, or chipped ceramic tiles swapped out.


Another thing that concrete is famously known for is how long they lasts and how great they can withstand traffic, or even the natural elements. Concrete is simply very durable and difficult to damage. Unlike other floor types, polished concrete will not chip or scratch under normal conditions. Even under such harsh and demanding conditions, a simple concrete coatings can make your concrete more resilient to different types of damage.

Low Maintenance Requirement

Aside from the money that homeowners would typically spend to maintain their attractive flooring, polished concrete can also save you the time and effort that people would typically devote to their floorings. Generally speaking, you’ll only need to use a dust mop or broom to keep your polished concrete floors free of dirt and other types of debris.

Weekly, a damp mop will remove any scuffs, smudges, and watermarks and restore the gloss of your surface. For high-traffic facilities, less time cleaning means less downtime and increased productivity. In the end, polished concrete saves your money, time, effort, and materials needed for maintenance.

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